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Clean India Ventures Private Limited (CIVL) is an endeavor to bring a paradigm shift towards treating our surroundings and waste. Its mission is to create a better tomorrow for people by recycling and reducing organic waste to a minimum.

Waste Management is one of the most critical steps for Swachh Bharat, and the first step for waste management is proper Segregation. Even the Govt. of India is also promoting the idea of waste segregation to a much higher level. As a citizen, we ought to know the right approach to the right bin. CIV helps you understand this simple formula which will affect mainly our existence.

India generates approximately 62 million tonnes of waste every year. Household waste, e-waste, hazardous waste are some of the categories. Clean India Ventures smartly converts all types of Organic waste into Organic Compost. Our GoClean Composter machines are successfully working all over India.

CIVL is a recognized Startup under the Startup India initiative.


The Founder Abhishek Gupta has taken mere steps towards the growth of a better environment complimenting the movement lead by India's Prime Minister Narender Modi known as Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

Abhishek is a top graduate from the University of Netherlands. He has great insight into the business, and his leadership has been one of the top reasons for the initiative like this. His Vision to have a better tomorrow cultivated this idea of go clean. Clean India Ventures has grown leaps and bounds through the right tack ticks used by him.

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