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About Clean India Ventures

What we do

We are trying to solve India's mounting garbage problems with the use of innovative technologies and creative methods. We believe that by reducing the waste that goes to the landfills and utilizing that waste innovatively, this issue can be res efficiently and that’s where our products come into the picture.

About the Founder | Clean India Ventures

The Founder Abhishek Gupta has taken mere steps towards the growth of a better environment complimenting the movement led by India's Prime Minister Narender Modi known as Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

Abhishek is a top graduate from the University of Netherlands. He has great insight into the business, and his leadership has been one of the top reasons for the initiative like this. His Vision to have a better tomorrow cultivated this idea of going clean. Clean India Ventures has grown leaps and bounds through the right tactics used by him.

Our Mission

automatic organic waste converter machine

To aware masses about the importance of Decentralized waste management in fighting against Pollution & Global warming. We also want to promote and educate the people about Recycle, Reuse and Reduce, and how these 3R’s can accelerate the vision of a Clean & Green India.

Our Vision

An Organic waste composter not only helps reduce stress from waste treatment plants, but also contributes towards a Clean & Green Future. We aim to make Organic waste composter available to every institution and locality. We have already taken steps towards this by offering a variety of composters for different-different composting needs.

automatic organic waste converter machine

Why Choose Us?

  • Clients oriented: For your every composting need, we have an organic waste composter available.
  • High-quality products: The best-in-class material, several quality checks and a strong internal review mechanism help us to deliver a durable, efficient and a suitable product for you.
  • Social Activities: When you buy a product from us, we use a percentage of that profit into various social works like Tree Plantation and installing Street Furniture.
  • Be a part of our mission: With composting, you’re not only reducing the waste that goes to landfills and causes air, water and land pollution, but with the compost produced, you’re enriching the land with nutrients.
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Our Services

We offer the best in class waste management solutions for your composting requirements

automatic organic waste composting machine
GoClean Composter

GoClean Composter Machine (earlier Green Waste Reprocessor) is designed to process organic waste with its intelligent technology. GoClean Composter Machine maintains a right balance between temperature, air flow and moisture with right proportions of heat, salt and acid resistant.

food waste composting machine in india
Tree Plantation

One of the main elements of these natural surroundings is trees which are considered as the best friend of mankind. Since the evolution of the country has taken the pace, the humankind has started to utilize the resources insufficiently and in large quantities.

food waste composting machine in india
Street Furniture

Street furniture also play a significant role in society as these sites give a comforting and appealing air and draw people to interact. The quality of urban spaces is indicated by their character and how well they create a sense of identity as well as the quality and placement of their street furniture.

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