Mass Tree Plantation Drive – Need of the Hour

The best friend of humankind is the natural setting that has been provided to us. Natural surroundings like fresh air, water, sunlight and much more are the basic requirements that humankind requires for its existence.

One of the main elements of these natural surroundings is trees which are considered as the best friend of mankind. They are considered one of the greatest resources if utilized respectfully and economically. Since the evolution of the country has taken the pace, the humankind has started to utilize the resources insufficiently and in large quantities. The increase of the population in our country has led to the shrinking of the forest area. Therefore, there’s an urgent need for plantation of trees in the country for securing the future of the country and its natural base.

Deforestation has been a major threat to the environment for decades and there is no stopping to it. Despite a decade of intensifying efforts to slow tropical deforestation, the 2017 witnessed the second-highest on record for tree cover loss. In addition to harming biodiversity and infringing on the rights and livelihoods of local communities, forest destruction at this huge scale is disastrous for the global climate. Researches show that forests play an important role in curbing climate change. Forests play a major role in deciding the rainfall patterns, atmospheric chemistry, and affect wind speeds.

Green House Effect is caused due to wiping of forests cover in large numbers which leads to heating in the earth’s temperature. This would result in many future generations that are likely to suffer from incurable diseases. Deforestation has led to the loss of species, disturbances in the water cycle, soil erosion and degrading the quality of life of humans. The only way to control the damages that humankind is prone to be the urgent need for a mass tree plantation drive in India.

There have been many laws, programs and movements made all around the world to minimize the deforestation effect and promote more and more plantation of trees. The state and national governments are responsible for the sustainable management of forest resources but we cannot thrust the responsibility only on the government or on the public institutions. It is the responsibility and duty of all to work together. There is an urgent need that the government should plan and invest in the afforestation of hilly and deserted areas which may raise the cover of green belts in areas that are more prone to rapid soil erosion.

For sustaining the ecological balance, at least one-third of our land must be covered with forests. Over the felling of trees, hindering the natural process of pollination and germination and diverting land have taken their toll on forests. It is the need of the hour to save the existing forests and adding more tress to increase the forest cover. There have been many contributions to increase the tree plantation drive in India like spreading of information through mass media, through social workers in schools and colleges. Despite all the efforts, there has been a very less tangible effort. Nowadays the forests are being used for two main purposes: Fuelwood and timber which involve the destruction of trees. Clean India Ventures aims to bring a paradigm shift in the environment through its contributions brought to the environment with its revolutionary technology.

Many benefits have trees have been providing us for many years. Our ancestors have been worshipping trees to acknowledge the benefits. They provide us with shade, fruits, flowers, and bark. They act as natural ventilators as they provide fresh oxygen. Many valuable medicines extracted from various parts of plants. There are many benefits of planting trees but people still do not realize their importance. To keep the Earth as a habitable living planet, everyone needs to take responsibility.


Trees are an important source of life for the living kind, be it humans, animals or birds. Due to our negligence, it is somehow that we have not protected them which is the major reason behind the rise of global warming, the rise in pollution levels. We must understand the benefits of planting trees and encourage others as well as to plant more and more trees for our betterment. Sooner we realize and act on this, sooner it is better.