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Why is managing waste during COVID-19 pandemic essential?

The outbreak of Coronavirus across the world, there are a lot of health risks that have arisen and have impacted the human health and economy of the countries. As the number of cases is on the upswing and people are spending more time indoors, a steep rise in medical & hazardous and domestic mixed organic waste products can be seen which needs to be managed and treated.

The urgent need to manage waste is critical for a balanced living amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and to minimize the possible secondary impact upon health and the environment as many types of additional medical and hazardous waste are generated, including COVID-19 infected masks, gloves and other protective equipment during such an outbreak. Proper waste management of these hazardous items can help in knocking off the effects on human health and the environment. In all, safe handling and disposal of these products are vital to the process of essential waste management today.

But, how do we handle the waste?

As we move forward into the lockdown, we are trying to understand that adopting organic eating is important for human health, and also understanding that decomposition of the waste generated is essential for better and greener surroundings. We can trace our steps and life choices to control and manage the waste we are producing these times, as the essential workers are busy making our surroundings Coronavirus-free. So, here is a small-guide by us at Clean India Ventures to help you all in kitchen waste management and more:

  • Collect all the organic waste produced in your home, either it is from the kitchen, garden, or anywhere. There is a step by step process about composting that we have already shared, you can follow that process to create your own homemade organic compost. You can adopt this process and make it a habit even after the Coronavirus ends as it will help in saving our environment from unwanted and easily decomposable green waste.
  • Throw away segregated mixed organic waste in your nearby GoClean organic waste composting machine. These machines have been installed in various parts of the Delhi NCR region to curb the problem of waste. Green Waste Reprocessor can decompose approximately 1000 Kg of mixed organic waste and convert it into manure- which can be further used to drive tree plantation in India.

As we take our baby steps in managing the waste, we can create a ripple effect by educating our neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances about the benefits of managing waste. We already are playing a big role by staying inside our homes during the lockdown and beyond to help manage the Coronavirus pandemic, and we can further take off the pressure of the shoulders of the essential workers by managing and decomposing our waste and or segregating the waste.

Clean India Ventures urges each and everyone to actively participate in making our control whole by staying indoors and managing the waste in our powers. We are just moments away before we all get back to our normal lives that is Coronavirus-free.