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Why should companies invest in Waste Management as part of their CSR Initiative?

The world is suffering from an ever-growing problem of garbage produced from various sources that are harmful to all the living beings and the ecosystem that sustains it. As per a study published in 2018, India alone produces over 62 million tonnes of mixed waste (mixed organic waste and inorganic waste) every year, and the numbers are growing at an average rate of 4% annually. Some of this waste produced is treated, and the rest of the portion is left untreated, which is either dumped in the seas, oceans or is thrown in a land.

Of the total waste produced, only 60% is collected and less than 15% is processed. This is a very poor figure in terms of the waste that is being produced and what is processed, as the garbage will only turn our lives upside down. So, what can we do to protect our environment where we so lovingly live?

Most of the organizations are trying their best to educate their employees about the advantages and disadvantages of proper waste management not just in their office premises but also in good practices that must be followed at home to keep their surroundings clean and green. Tree plantation in India is one of the right ways to conserve the beauty of our planet, but we must focus on managing waste at various levels as it will only uplift our lives in multiple ways. Organizations must focus on investing in corporate social responsibility where they support and encourage non-profit organizations or others to manage waste in the neighbourhood, not just for the benefit of the society but also for the following benefits that they will earn for their company:

  1. Better Brand Recognition and Positive Business Reputation: Investing in CSR has the most significant advantage in terms of earning brand recognition amongst the target audience- due to the good publicity. If you are trying to manage the waste of a particular location, you are not just earning respect but are also are encouraging people to develop a responsible brand image amongst your audience.
  2. Increased Sales and Customer Loyalty: Landfills, horticulture waste management, temple waste management, etc. are some places where organizations can invest to draw customer attention and gain their loyalty towards your brand. Big businesses can also invest in educating people through various waste management drives, street sessions or more, which will have a positive impact on the people of the world and encourage them towards supporting your brand through sales and customer loyalty.
  3. Greater ability to attract talent and retain staff: Having a positive image in the market will give a push to talent in the country and abroad to trust your brand and beyond.
  4. Easier Access to Capital: Having established corporate social responsibility towards waste management will attract easy capital from various experts, and will also improve your credibility in the market.

If you have not yet invested in corporate social responsibility for your brand, you must begin with waste management- as this is yet an untapped market. You can guide people in waste management processes with the support of an NGO and encourage people to use organic waste composting machines in their neighbourhood.

Clean India Ventures is an organization that is on an endeavour to create a sustainable green and clean neighbourhood with their GoClean greet waste reprocessor. If you are an organization interested in investing in Corporate Social Responsibility, then we would like to encourage you to get installed a GoClean machine to benefit a whole community for years to come. It will have ripple effects on the waste produced and processed.

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