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  • Horticulture waste to compost/fuel sticks
  • Food/vegetable waste to compost
  • Flower waste to Havan samgri.
  • Organic mixed waste to compost

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment.Compost is a key ingredient in organic farming.

All the Places which market Vegetables and Fruits are the major contributors of organic waste for any city. Our Waste Model effectively reprocesses other waste generated on a daily basis and turns it out into useful organic compost.

By products

Organic waste converter

Turn any organic waste like household, food, horticulture and other mixed organic wastes into nutrient-rich compost with the help of our GoClean composters.

Organic waste composter
Fuel Sticks

With our Horticulture waste composter, you can turn agricultural and garden waste like dry leaves and branches into Fuel sticks as well which could be an alternate source of income for you.

organic waste management
Havan Samagri

Our Temple waste composter converts religious offerings into havan samagri. This not only helps to keep our rivers & temples clean, but also values your religious sentiments.

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