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Horticulture Waste Management

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Decentralize Horticulture Waste Management In a municipal precinct, heaps of horticulture waste may be found every day near parks, gardens, and greenbelts. Some locals who still burn tree branches and dry leaves to cook food and to keep themselves warm in winters pick up some of it. But the large mounds of the waste are [...]

Waste to Compost – Kooda Bhi Bikta Hai

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Waste is a reality It is an irony of all the earthly functions that worthy and waste exist alongside. Ignite a flame to dispel darkness, and bear with undesirable fumes and ash!Leafy trees and vegetation may be life to parks and gardens, but the heaps of their dead leaves and branches are also an unpleasant […]

Temple Waste Management

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A Technological Offering for Temple Waste Temples are revered as abode of gods. Most worshippers visit the shrine with floral offerings. In return, the priest of the temple customarily gives back a bud or garland as a sacrament (prasad) from the floral offerings deposited on the deity. Sadly, the same flowers, subsumed by our sentiments, [...]


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15th August, 2014, the day Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was launched by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. Rightly so…! India, a diverse country with huge population, requires a lot of effort to shift India towards CGH Mode: Cleaner: Greener: Healthier Mode! But are we ready to change our die hard habits? That is a […]