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GoClean Composter machine is an intelligent technology toprocess different kind of organic waste into valuable by-products at the source of generation.

We have different variants of GoClean Composter machines ranging from Horticulture Waste, Food/Vegetable Waste, Temple Waste and Organic Mixed Waste in different capacities.
We are manufacturing machines of various capacities from 50 kgs per day to 2 ton per day. We can also customize our solutions for bulk requirement if there are any.
It will be made available on request and on the basis of capacity required.
This machine can be installed in Parks, Hotels, Farm Houses, Fruit/Vegetable Markets, Temples, Near River banks, Residential Societies, Factories & Depots, Big MNC Corporate Offices, and Golf Course etc.
Actual consumption will be known when we know the capacity of machine you are looking at since it is varied and depended on the capacity model. Generally on an average, it is 8-29 kilowatt.
Our models are dependent on electricity and it requires 1 to 3 phase electricity.
Yes, Real Estate Builders, Nigambodh Ghat, Hotels have installed the GoClean composter machine in their premises/societies for processing organic waste into compost.
4-6 direct employment per machine can be generated at each machine installation.
It will be made available on request.
There are various business models which CIVL has to offer and they are Sell, Operate and By-Product will be of Client, another business model is Client gives us the land, electricity, water connections and other infrastructure requirements and we operate the machine and sell the by product.
Fuel stick is an alternate for cooking purpose or heat energy source which burns smokeless in a specially designed low cost furnace (improved biomass stove). The uses of fuel sticks are various from clean cooking to electricity generation.
You can refer to the Page GoClean Coverage to check on our installations all over India.
Machine will work minimum for 7-10 years. We would need to do maintenance of the machine at regular intervals for services like lubrication etc.
Within 24-48 hours, our technician will reach the installation and repair the machine in Delhi. For other states, backed by our team of expert service network to repair the machine locally.
There is no emission of harmful gases, pollution from our GoClean composter machine. It is an intelligent and environment friendly machine. There is also no emission of any leachate.
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