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Food Waste Model

Food Waste Model

Composting is in trend, not because it is cool but because it is the need of the hour. People now understand the importance of managing waste as the world is spitting out the garbage we, humans, have thrown in the seas and overfilled landfills. The accumulated waste is now not just bringing up the earth’s temperature and putting the lives of humans at risk in the coming future but is also taking lives today, as millions of people living in polluted neighborhoods suffer from air-borne disease.

So, is it still not the reason why you must compost Mixed Organic Waste at home?

Clean India Ventures is an organization that endeavors to make India a clean, green, and sustainable country. The company believes in educating people about the benefits of composting and how they can help in making India a Go Clean India. Either it is temple waste management or kitchen waste management, an organic waste composter will help you convert waste into usable by-products.

Challenges to Food waste management

There are many challenges to traditional Food waste management and few of them are as follows:

  • Places like restaurants, hotels, etc. doesn’t have the infrastructure for the composting,
  • The food waste attracts rodents and insects which is not
    good for the business, and
  • The production of daily waste makes other treatment methods very costly

Food Waste Model

food waste management india

One-stop solution

There’s no more need for heavy composting infrastructure, the GoClean composters cater to all your composting needs.

food waste management india


It’s closed structure and strong build doesn’t allow insects to travel in it or rodents to chew through it.

food waste management india

Daily waste solution

It treats all your food waste in a matter of day and thereby ensures that you have no rotten waste in your premises.

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