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GoClean Composter is the answer to the mounting garbage heap across cities, maligning our horizons. It is low cost and easy-to-operate. GWR reprocesses the waste effectively employing a maximum of 4–5 semi skilled persons. Generally speaking, if a city replaces its waste-carrying truck fleet with GWRs, it would have a revolutionary effect on environment and expenditure without affecting the employment. By this we will get rid of ugly landfills and turn our organic waste into compost at source.

GWR machine holds many awards and recognitions to its credit. The machine has been patronized by various organizations, where they are successfully performing to the customers’ satisfaction.

GoClean Models

temple waste management in india

Temple Waste Model

Temple waste unit is ideal for reprocessing all types of pious refuse, flower waste. It can be installed near temples or on sides of rivers where a lot of pious refuse gets collected.

organic waste converter manufacturers

Horticulture Waste Model

This unit is installed at various gardens, big parks, tourist places, forests et al and can convert all dry leaves, tree branches.

automatic food waste composting machine

Organic Mixed Waste Model

This model is ideally suited for locations wherein all the above types of organic waste cannot be segregated and needs to be re-processed.

organic waste composting machine in india

Food waste model

Leftover Food/Vegetable waste can be reprocessed by this model into organic compost.

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