Green Waste Reprocessor (GWR) is the answer to the mounting garbage heap across cities, maligning our horizons. It is low cost and easy-to-operate. GWR reprocesses the waste effectively employing a maximum of 4–5 semi skilled persons. Generally speaking, if a city replaces its waste-carrying truck fleet with GWRs, it would have a revolutionary effect on environment and expenditure without affecting the employment. By this we will get rid of ugly landfills and turn our organic waste into compost at source.

GWR machine holds many awards and recognitions to its credit. The machine has been patronized by various organizations, where they are successfully performing to the customers’ satisfaction.

Green Waste Reprocessor Machine comes in 4 Models :

Horticulture Waste Model:

Machine Installation at Central Ordnance Depot, Delhi

Horticulture Waste like Dry leaves, Wood, Grass, dry Flowers is converted into organic manure by Horticulture Waste Model. Manure processed from this model has high nutrient value for soil and is completely organic in nature.

The machine is suitable for installation at such locations as gardens, big parks, tourist places, forests.

Agro-Mandi Waste Model:

Machine installed at CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, Delhi

All the Mandis which market Vegetables and Fruits are the major contributors of organic waste for any city. Our Agro-Mandi Waste Model effectively reprocesses Mandi waste generated on a daily basis and turns it out into useful organic compost.

Organic Mixed Waste Model:

Machine installed at Mamun Military Station, Pathankot

This model is ideally suited for locations where it is difficult to segregate different types of organic wastes as mentioned above. This model re-processes the mix of organic waste into organic manure

Temple Waste Model:

Nigam Bodh Ghat GWR Machine Pic

India is a country of religious believers whose places-of-worship are found in plenty in every city. Many of the shrines are landmarks attracting hundred of devotees every day. Offering of flowers, leaves, fruits etc. subsequently become a holy refuse.

Our Temple Waste Model is an ideal way for the honourable removal of all types of holy refuse. The machine is installed near temples or at riverside where a significant quantity of holy refuse is created. The unit converts the holy organic refuse into valuable Organic Manure or Havan Samgri.