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15th August, 2014, the day Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was launched by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. Rightly so…!

India, a diverse country with huge population, requires a lot of effort to shift India towards CGH Mode: Cleaner: Greener: Healthier Mode!

But are we ready to change our die hard habits? That is a big question?? Are we moving towards being a responsible nation? I guess not..!

We Indians have few bad habits like spitting paan and gutkha on walls and everywhere possible, urinating on isolated and even on not-so-isolated roads, littering the pavements etc. We should realize that these things should be a thing of past. Now the youth hate all these filthy acts and they love to keep their city clean. They have a sense of responsibility towards their nation to keep it clean. Similarly, elders and people aged between 30-35 years should realize that their acts have an impact on the youth because they are the actual role models for the younger generation and they should know that today’s youth is watching..!

India started on a positive note by constructing 89 lakh toilets in Rural India in past 1 year. It was a great initiative because rural India is the place where we require the most. But building toilets alone won’t bring the desired change. With building toilets, at the same time, I think, we necessarily need to educate the rural populace on how to use these toilets, and need to change their mindset over the period of time so that they start using the toilets instead of going to the farms for toilet (UP Report). Undoubtedly it needs a revolutionary initiative to change the age old habits.


In city like Delhi, unskilled and semi-skilled migrant labors who come for their jobs, have to be educated about the modern facilities that the city provides. Like in Delhi, we have public utilities installed in majority of Delhi. The way, we try to learn new things in schools, similarly, these labors, once informed about the facility, and would start visiting these facilities regularly during their transit period.

Everybody knows and understands that the rural population is not much acquainted of the toilet facilities, but what about people who travel in cars and have a comfortable lifestyle? Many of them, while traveling outside the city, don’t wait for restaurants to attend nature’s call. They would just go and pee at an isolated place. They are educated people and some of them are lucky to live in the city from their birth, but they do not act responsibly. They need to have a positive mindset towards keeping their city clean. Some of them think, “How can a single person make a difference??” My opinion is that first you begin, others will follow..!

#SwachhBharat can only be implemented successfully when Public: Private: Government come together and form a trinity to get India back on track and towards a CGH Mode. Public forms the group of local communities, societies, while Private forms the group of Private Sector Organizations who can easily come on board for development of India and for Cleaner India and Government forms the group of Ministries, Municipal Corporations, and State Committees.

Just imagine, if the above trinity comes together to solve one of the biggest problems of India: Swachh Banega Bharat. Wondering Why?

Currently, there is a lot of delay from the government where the officials keep delaying the process for constructing toilets, implementing waste processing technologies, etc. Most of their time is wasted on the tendering process which is pathetic to say the least.

If the trinity is formed, and if one takes the initiative, and the others take a quick action to implement that initiative, it will certainly make an everlasting impact. I am confident that this trinity will work wonders for the country. If one project is successful, then other government bodies will also learn from the experience and implement it at pan-India Level. Thus making “Banega Swachh Bharat” a possibility.

#SwachhBharat is not only about the toilets and keeping the road clean. Swachh Bharat is also about the waste that is generated in a huge capacity and the organic waste which is either burnt or taken to the landfill, therefore wasting our precious resource Land. Burning of waste is banned by National Green Tribunal. It is indeed a very good step, but in India, some people really don’t care about the environment and pollute it by burning the waste. In today’s world of technology and innovations, there is no such thing called as waste. Today, even a small waste is a huge potential revenue resource for the government. Government needs to make sure that these technologies are easily accepted by the municipal bodies and states for implementation.

Let’s make #SwachhBharat a reality.! Let’s Pledge that We shall act responsibly.

India’s true #SwachhBharat Abhiyaan yet to come…!