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Temple Waste Management

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A Technological Offering for Temple Waste Temples are revered as abode of gods. Most worshippers visit the shrine with floral offerings. In return, the priest of the temple customarily gives back a bud or garland as a sacrament (prasad) from the floral offerings deposited on the deity. Sadly, the same flowers, subsumed by our sentiments, [...]

Food Waste Management

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Time to effectively deal with Food Waste Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a clarion call not to waste food. The food we leave on our plates can fill a hungry stomach, said the PM. Noble ideas are well received by Indians, but bad habits die hard. Going by a recent survey, the kitchen discards, the [...]

Waste Segregation

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First Step to Waste Disposal is Segregation Solid waste segregation has always been a big challenge at the household level as well as at city level. Imagine segregation of the refuse that Delhi produces every day. It is close to gigantic 9,000 tons indiscreetly dumped at 3 - 4 locations around the periphery of the [...]