It’s said that success brings more success when the fundamental principles are strong.  MAPPS Group is the realization of an ambitious vision to diversify and consolidate as a conglomerate of multiple businesses with the mission of bringing various kinds of expertise under one identity. The solid foundation laid during the last three decades with pillars of hard work, integrity, teamwork & accountability gave rise to new towers of success in the world of enterprise.

Understanding the opportunities presented by different markets, the flagship company, Graphisads began to look out for people and firms with innovative business ideas and a strong desire to excel.  Under the new long-term corporate vision, these new businesses, joint ventures and tie-ups not only added a fresh value with their technologies, products and services but also serve as vehicles to carry forward the core business. Having put on track the best of experience, expertise, dedicated people and an unending spirit of enterprise, MAPPS Group is moving ahead on its journey to become a world-class business group. Along the way, there have been some pleasant surprises that are valuable signs of a positive and constructive business culture, committed to deliver high standards of service.

No wonder, We at MAPPS Group firmly believe that ‘success breeds success’.

Besides Graphisads Pvt.Ltd,, MAPPS Group today comprises of Spike Advertising Pvt. Ltd.,  Nirvana Advertising, Clean India Ventures and Prerna Education Research Society.