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With an aim of curbing the increasing pollution and keeping the Nigambodh  Ghat clean, NGO running this premises has installed GWR machine from Clean India Ventures to convert the Flower Waste into Organic compost.
This machine is sponsored by Dr Harshvardhan’s MPLAD funds, Union Minister, Department of Science and Technology, and North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

GWR has helped the Yamuna River instantly as has been our ritual of throwing flowers in Yamuna. Instead of throwing the flowers in the river, we are processing the flower waste into organic manure.
This machine is working very well here.
On the other hand, Organic manure processed from GWR machine has also proved to be very beneficial for us. On one side we got rid of the garbage and on the other hand, it has helped Nigambodh Ghat to be clean and beautiful. In an environment friendly initiative, we are in process to tie up with nearby temples for the flowers or garlands from those temples to be dumped at the Machine site for further processing it into compost.

This will help in reducing the pollution and dependence of the Landfill Site usage.


Suman Gupta, President, Badi Panchayat Baishya Beese Aggarwal ,  Nigambodh Ghat