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Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

The best friend of humankind is the natural setting that has been provided to us. Natural surroundings like fresh air, water, sunlight and much more are the basic requirements that humankind requires for its existence.

One of the main elements of these natural surroundings is trees which are considered as the best friend of mankind. They are considered one of the greatest resources if utilized respectfully and economically. Since the evolution of the country has taken the pace, the humankind has started to utilize the resources insufficiently and in large quantities. The increase of the population in our country has led to the shrinking of the forest area.

Considering the various benefits of trees including release of fresh oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and many other ecological benefits which helps in lessening the effects of global warming, there is an urgent need of mass plantation drive in India. Established with the motive of creating a greener today and future, we are committed towards protecting the environment by planting trees all over the Delhi. Routine visits are done to ensure that the trees are healthy.