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Generating Organic Compost
for a better tomorrow

Composting is the most effective method of Organic Waste Management wherein, the organic waste is turned into valuable, nutrient rich Compost. We believe waste management solutions such as Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing are central to create healthy soils, clean air & water, a stable climate, and a sustainable society.

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Generating Organic Compost for a better tomorrow

The process of composting turns organic waste into a value-added, nutrient rich product.We believe compost manufacturing and compost utilization are central to creating healthy soils, clean air and water, a stable climate, and a sustainable society.

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Create a healthy, green and clean planet through tree plantation

We strive to uplift and assist the communities, while promoting extensive agriculture across the nation and making it a happy-green paradise.We work with a vision of developing lush-green and bio-diverse sustainable world for the future generations by igniting a huge environmental revolution through trees

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Designing the User-Oriented Urban Landscape through street furniture.

Play a significant role in society as these sites give a comforting and appealing air and draw people to interact. Dustbins, Benches, Vending Kiosks, Police Booths, Tree Guards and Public Toilets contribute to make the city safe, clean, eco-friendly apart from fulfilling the primary functionality.

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food waste composting machine in india

GoClean Composter Machine From Organic Waste to Organic Compost

Clean India Ventures Private Limited (CIVL) is an endeavor to bring a paradigm shift towards treating our surroundings and waste. Its mission is to create a better tomorrow for people by recycling and reducing organic waste to a minimum.

India generates approximately 62 million tonnes of waste every year. Household waste, e-waste, hazardous waste are some of the categories. Clean India Ventures smartly converts all types of Organic waste into Organic Compost. Our GoClean Composter machines are successfully working all over India.

Introducing our GoClean Composter machines which processes all type of organic waste into compost at the source of generation. We have are successfully working all over India.

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The most advanced solution for managing Organic Waste economically & effectively

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Our Waste Model effectively reprocesses other waste generated on a daily basis and turns it out into useful organic compost.

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Go Clean Model

GoClean Composter is the answer to the mounting garbage heap across cities, maligning our horizons. It is low cost and easy-to-operate.

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Go Clean Coverage

Clean India has spread its presence across the nation with the help of our Service Centered Philosophy.

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Our Services

We offer the best in class waste management solutions for your composting requirements

organic waste management in india
GoClean Composter

GoClean Composter Machine (earlier Green Waste Reprocessor) is designed to process organic waste with its intelligent technology. GoClean Composter Machine maintains a right balance between temperature, air flow and moisture with right proportions of heat, salt and acid resistant.

food waste recycling machine in india
Tree Plantation

One of the main elements of these natural surroundings is trees which are considered as the best friend of mankind. Since the evolution of the country has taken the pace, the humankind has started to utilize the resources insufficiently and in large quantities.

food waste recycling machine
Street Furniture

Street furniture also play a significant role in society as these sites give a comforting and appealing air and draw people to interact. The quality of urban spaces is indicated by their character and how well they create a sense of identity as well as the quality and placement of their street furniture.

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