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An eco-friendly compost machine that intelligently generates manure from organic waste to give back to nature.
Easy to process organic waste into compost with its intelligent technology without harming the environment.
WASTE 2 GREEN comes in four distinct versions to handle horticultural waste, temple trash, food/vegetable waste, and mixed organic waste, with capacities ranging from 50 kgs to 2 tonnes per day.


Process 50 Kgs to 2 Tonnes of organic waste per day

Noiseless, colourless, and no emission of harmful gases

Absolute natural and biological composting process

Compact and customised designs

Promotes the principle of 3Rs (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce)


waste 2 green

Temple Waste Model
The GoClean Temple Waste Model converts various kinds of organic goods devotees offer to gods. With this model, all the organic temple waste can be put to good use. 

GoClean Temple Waste Model processes up to 1000 kgs of waste in a day into recyclable by-products including organic compost or Havan Samgri.
Organic Mix Waste Model
The Organic Mix Waste Model is a complete green waste processor that can convert mixed organic waste including horticulture waste, temple waste, kitchen waste, and other organic waste into compost. 

With a little semi-manual segregation support, this machine has the potential of controlling waste. 
Food Waste Model
The Food Waste Model is a need of the hour for food, hospitality, and similar industries to manage and process kitchen and food waste. 

Composting is crucial and offers an opportunity to create an alternative stream of income.
Horticulture Waste Model
The Horticulture Waste Model aims to convert dry leaves, broken branches, and farm & garden residue into nutrient-rich compost to enrich the soil. 

With easy set-up and installation, the machine can be put near the waste generation location to save time. 

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